Facilities and Units

  • Our department started on 1930 as a ward for treatment of Tuberculosis in general medicine department.
  • On 1940 a separate department consisted of 4 wards was established for treatment of tuberculosis and non-tubeculous pulmonary diseases.
  • Our department is considered the pioneer department in pulmonary medicine in Egypt
  • Since 1940 our department activities are:

    • Educational for students (undergraduates) and postgraduates (diploma, Master & MD degree)
    • Outpatient Service twice weekly (Monday 9am-1pm & Thursday 11am-1pm)
    • Inpatient Service 50 beds
    • Respiratory ICU on 1986. Now we have four respiratory ICUs
    • Pulmonary function unit since 1960s. On 1985 a complete computerized pulmonary functions laboratory was established. A sleep lab started on late 1990s
    • Bronchoscopy unit started on 1970s using rigid bronchoscopies. On early 1980s fibroptic bronchscopies were introduced. Endo bronchial ultra sonography E-BUS was introduced on 2005
    • Medical thoracoscopy unit on 2001
    • A lab for Asthma provocation and hyposenstization since 1992

Asthma Provocation and Hyposenstization Unit

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A lab for Asthma provocation and hyposenstization

Bronchoscopy Unit

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Pulmonary Function Unit

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Respiratory ICUs

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We have four respiratory ICUs

Inpatient Service 50 beds

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