The Chest Deparment


Since 1940 our department activities are:

  • Educational for students (undergraduates) and postgraduates (diploma, Master & MD degree)
  • Outpatient Service twice weekly (Monday 9am-1pm & Thursday 11am-1pm)
  • Inpatient Service 50 beds
  • Respiratory ICU on 1986. Now we have four respiratory ICUs
  • Pulmonary function unit since 1960s. On 1985 a complete computerized pulmonary functions laboratory was established. A sleep lab started on late 1990s
  • Bronchoscopy unit started on 1970s using rigid bronchoscopies. On early 1980s fibroptic bronchscopies were introduced. Endo bronchial ultra sonography E-BUS was introduced on 2005
  • Medical thoracoscopy unit on 2001
  • A lab for Asthma provocation and hyposenstization since 1994

Academic Degrees of Pulmonary Medicine and Tuberculosis Department Cairo University

  • Diploma Degree: first given on 1940

  • Master Degree    : first given on 1977, a thesis for partial fulfillment of master degree is required

  • MD Degree         : first given on 1960, a thesis for partial fulfillment of MD degree is required


  • To educate and develop an outstanding efficient physician capable of managing respiratory emergencies
  • To educate and train pulmonary medicine specialists to manage respiratory disorders, perform and interpret all advanced techniques available for diagnosis and treatment of respiratory disorders
  • To train specialized graduate to conduct research and follow research ethics
  • To introduce and develop all new techniques in the field of pulmonary medicine that serves the community
  • To train and educate undergraduates and postgraduates to participate actively in combating national medical problems e.g. smoking, asthma and tuberculosis

Research Activities of Department of Pulmonary Medicine and Tuberculosis

  • Endoscopies and interventional endoscopy
  • Pulmonary functions and respiratory sleep medicine
  • Respiratory intensive care
  • Asthma
  • Tuberculosis


Emeritus Professors

  • Prof. Omar Soliman
  • Prof. Abdul Hakim Mahmoud
  • Prof. Mostafa El Zaheby
  • Prof. Medhat Abdul Khalik
  • Prof. Nariman Helmy
  • Prof. Khaled Hassanein
  • Prof. Maysa Sharaf El Din
  • Prof. Khaled Eid
  • Prof. Mohamed Fathy
  • Prof. Hoda Abo Yousef


  • Prof. Esmat Ali Abdel-Nabi
  • Prof. Ahmed Al-Husseini Ali
  • Prof. Ayman Salem
  • Prof. Alaa El Din Omar Shalaby
  • Prof. Yousry Mohamed Kamel Akl
  • Prof. Mostafa El-Shazly
  • Prof. Mohamed Galal Morsi
  • Prof. Khaled Mahmoud Kamel
  • Prof. Hossam Hosny Massoud

Assistant Professors

  • Prof. Mohamed Abdel Hakim Mohamed
  • Prof. Ahmed El-Halafawy
  • Prof. Amany Atf El-Karim Abou Zeid
  • Prof. Mohamed Mostafa Kamel
  • Prof. Mohamed Wafa Zakaria
  • Prof. Safi Kadah
  • Prof. Raef Imam
  • Prof. Ahmed Abdel Hafeez
  • Dr. Hassan Mahmoud Amin


  • Dr. Yousef Mohamed Amin
  • Dr. Reem Ibrahim Al-Qurashi
  • Dr. Irene Mohamed Sabry
  • Dr. Hamed Abdel Hafeez
  • Dr. Heba Allah Musa
  • Dr. Samah Salim
  • Dr. Marwa Moawad
  • Dr. Sabah Ahmed
  • Dr. Heba Allah Hany
  • Dr. Najla Al-Khatib
  • Dr. Nahed Mohamed Mustafa
  • Dr. Amira Mustafa Ismail
  • Dr. Iman Kamal Ibrahim
  • Dr. Mohamed Said Ismail
  • Dr. Osama Elgameel Abul-Hassan
  • Dr. Yasmin Hamdy El Henawy
  • Dr. Hassan Gamal Abdel Nasser